Honeywell is the oldest name in thermostats out there. Their iconic Roundâ„¢ thermostat has remained the most popular thermostat in the world since its invention in 1953. Now, Honeywell operates in other industries as well, such as engineering and aerospace, but they remain best known for their thermostats. Honeywell offers every type of thermostat imaginable, including smart thermostats.

Thermostat Types

  • Conventional/Heat Pump
  • Programmable
  • Non-Programmable
  • Wi-Fi
  • Conventional
  • Electric Heat
  • Indoor
  • Heat Pump


  • Backlit
  • Battery Powered
  • Hardwired
  • Touchscreen
  • Demand Response Enabled
  • Energy Saving Mode
  • Voice Activated
  • Geofencing