Energy Efficiency

Going Green and Saving Green at Home

Energy Efficiency is about much more than saving energy to create a better living space for you and the rest of the environment. It’s also about optimizing how much you spend on consumable energy and creating a comfortable living space for a fraction of the cost. When we take the time to make our living habits more efficient, we will save time, money, and our stress levels in the process.

Cooling and heating costs make up approximately 50% of the average heating bill.

Approximately 75% of the electricity used in most US homes is used while the product is off.

The average household wastes $150 per year in energy costs just from improper insulation.

How Thinking Green Will Save You Time and Money

Shouldn’t your money go towards the things that make your life feel more fulfilled and comfortable?

Taking the time to audit your current energy use, and making energy-efficient improvements throughout your home as a result, will help you save hundreds of dollars and make your livable space more comfortable for a longer time.

Some of the benefits of energy-efficient home improvements

  1. Provides annual savings to you directly
  2. Increases the value of your home
  3. Prevents the increased price of energy for everyone

How Do I Start Saving Energy, Time and Money?

Let’s start with our system compatibility questionnaire.

Programmable Savings and Benefits from Thermostats

One of the easiest ways you can start saving money on a monthly basis is by considering an upgrade to your home thermostat. Aren’t you tired of cooling or heating an empty home? The biggest benefit you receive from buying a smart thermostat with programmable options is the power to control the amount of energy your house uses.

What Thermostat is Right for Me?

Check out all of our thermostat brand profiles to check out your options and find the perfect thermostat for your lifestyle and needs.

Service Your HVAC Systems the Smart Way

Get Energy Efficient with the Help of Airtron

Thermostats may be the unsung hero to your heating and cooling system, but properly maintained HVAC systems play a massive role in exactly how much energy is used to keep your home comfortable and running smoothly.

View our maintenance, repair and installation services and contact us in order to get your house greener and more energy efficient.